In addition to charging a fee, prevailing Attorneys will usually seek reimbursement for the cost of obtaining medical records on behalf of their clients. Medical records can be very expensive. SSA expects you to produce ALL medical records bearing on the issue of disability. Depending on the number of medical providers you have seen, the cost of medical records can easily be several hundred dollars and in some cases over a thousand dollars. Fortunately, at Hubbs Disability Law, we take advantage of a little-known California Law which provides that medical providers must provide the records to claimants in Social Security appeals at no charge. Thus, we do not incur charges for medical records in California. 

We may incur charges for obtaining out-of-state medical records, but this is relatively uncommon, and is usually not very much money. If we do pay for out-of-state records we will seek reimbursement from you but only if you win your case.

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