It is not enough to have subjective evidence (i.e., your complaints alone) of disability.  You really need hard objective evidence.  The best way to get this evidence is by diagnostic tests.  In this day and age of managed care, and limited resources, it can be difficult to get your doctor to order diagnostic tests which will help you prove your case.  However, if you are persistent, you can often convince a doctor to prescribe the tests you need to prove your case.  The following are some examples of helpful diagnostic tests:

Medical Condition  ::  Diagnostic Test

Spine (neck or back) ::  MRI or CT scan of the spine

Peripheral neuropathy ::  EMG/NCV lower extremities

Carpal tunnel syndrome  ::  EMG/ NCV upper extremities

Hepatitis C/liver ::  Liver biopsy

Fibromyalgia  ::  Trigger point testing

Arthritis ::  Blood tests such as sed rate and rheumatoid factor

Heart Disease  ::  Echocardiograms

Stroke or epilepsy ::  Brain MRI

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