Unfortunately, there is no set time.  Sometimes (rarely) an ALJ will announce a favorable decision at the hearing.  Usually, however, it takes 2-3 months to get a decision.  Sometimes it can take six months or longer.  (In our experience, the longer it takes for the ALJ to make a decision, the more likely it is that the decision will be unfavorable.)  ALJ’s decide hundreds of cases each year and are very busy.  The backlog of cases to be decided is substantial.

Sometimes, even after conducting an ALJ hearing, instead of issuing a decision, the ALJ will decide he needs more evidence and will conduct a supplemental hearing. This of course will delay the case several more months.

Even though waiting for a decision is extremely frustrating, claimants should be patient.  After all, there is nothing they can do to make the Notice of Decision come any faster.  It WILL come eventually.


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