Applying for Social Security disability is a stressful, overwhelming, seemingly endless odyssey for most claimants. SSA has promulgated complicated and strict rules and regulations that claimants must meet in order to qualify for benefits. Because of this, if you are seeking Social Security disability benefits, you are strongly advised to seek the assistance of an experienced and skilled California disability attorney to help guide you through this arduous process. 

What Can an Attorney Do for Me?

Among the many services an experienced Social Security disability attorney can provide for you include:

  • Complete your initial application (with your help)
  • Appeal unfavorable decisions (with your help)
  • Advise you on how to build a compelling medical record that will support a finding of disability
  • Gather all medical records needed to prevail on your claim
  • Obtain opinion evidence from your doctors
  • Write a Pre-Hearing Brief summarizing the medical evidence with legal argument as to why you should prevail
  • Attend the ALJ hearing, which includes educating the ALJ and advocating your position, eliciting favorable testimony from you and your witnesses, and cross-examining the government’s witnesses
  • Take your case to Federal Court if appropriate

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